What Are You Going to Do Now That You’ve Won the Masters?

imagesGo to Waffle House, of course. This Sunday Bubba Watson, a southern born boy, won his second U.S. Masters title in three years. At 3:52 PM on Sunday, Waffle House tweeted at Watson, “We got your grilled cheese waiting on you @bubbawatson! Way to go!!!”

Genius in the making for any marketer!

Lo and behold, Watson took them up on it. Later that evening at 10:39 PM, Watson tweeted out an image of himself at a Waffle House restaurant location along with the caption, “Champ dinner @WaffleHouse! #hashbrowns #covered,” to his 1.14 million followers. Watson’s tweet has gotten more than 12,520 retweets and more than 15,580 favorites so far; and unsurprisingly Waffle House is enjoying some nice social media buzz from the shoutout. Waffle House not only retweeted Watson’s tweet, but has been retweeting the outpouring of tweets praising Waffle […]

Keeping The Brand Safe

imagesThe Heartbleed Bug, a serious vulnerability in the popular OpenSSL cryptographic software library, allows for stealing of information protected, under normal conditions, by the SSL/TLS encryption used to secure the Internet. SSL/TLS provides communication security and privacy over the Internet for applications such as web, email, instant messaging (IM) and some virtual private networks (VPNs). Heartbleed is just the latest stark reminder that even very tech-savvy companies can run serious risks without being aware of them. If customers can’t log on to your site, you not only lose a sale today, but you also risk losing future business, particularly for retailers. For financial institutions, a security breach can scare away customers and open the door to fraud. A network outage for any telecom or IT company may leave clients wondering why they should trust their own reputation to a vendor who […]

Mad Men Forever

UnknownMad Men, called one of the best-written shows on TV soon after its debut in 2007, is returning for a seventh and final season to a TV near you. Although the final final episode will not air until 2015, Mad Men fans have been pining for their fix since last season’s finale where Don Draper has “lost” everything including his job, wife and daughter.

It’s always fun to follow along “historically” with the show. Season six ended late in 1968, and show creator Matthew Weiner has confirmed that the show will have reached the end of the decade, so it’s safe to expect plenty of 1969 in the seventh season –1969 was full of landmark historical moments. Richard Nixon took office, Woodstock changed the face of pop music and Neil Armstrong was the first man to land on […]

Lowe’s is Listening

The big dance kicks off tonight at 8:10 CST for the Kentucky Wildcat and UConn Huskies’ faithful.  For those lucky fans, tonight marks the pinnacle of the NCAA 2014 basketball season. For others, namely marketers, it is yet another opportunity to capture market share and contribute to the conversation.ScreenShot

“March Madness is one of the most significant live sporting events each year that captures the attention of a broad, national audience,” says Brad Walters, Lowe’s director of social media. “The inherent excitement of tournament rivalries, upset games, and unpredictable, unforgettable moments is reflected in the tremendous volume of conversation about the tournament that takes place on social media,” he tells Marketing Daily in an email. “This conversation presents rich opportunities for creative and nimble marketing for brands that are listening and able to respond quickly.”

With most every college basketball fan in the […]

Who’s the Fool?

UnknownDid you get pranked this April Fool’s Day? Brands big and small, tech and consumer vied for position as the best and maybe also the worst. But the kind of April Fools’ Day prank that — when believed for even a nano-second — accomplishes exactly what every marketer wants more of but keeps getting less of in a fragmented world: attention. Aching particularly for social media buzz that just might go viral, major marketers from Frito-Lay to American Eagle have joined-in early on the April Fools’ Day fun. But not just for laughs.

“Brands know that generating conversation on social media is critical not just for top-of-mind awareness, but for the cool factor,” says Denise Lee Yohn, author of What Great Brands Do. “They do these goofy thing so they’re considered relevant.”

Here are some of our favs:

  • Orbotix, makers […]

It Ain’t Easy Being CMO

cmoThe impact of a strong CMO can make or break a company, regardless of size. But it can be also be a game-changer when you’re dealing with one of the biggest brands in the world. The fine line you walk everyday sometimes might feel like a razor-thin wire. You have to be able to operate on different levels, from strategy to implementation. You have to quickly and decisively react to external factors that might affect brand, positioning, and sales–all while deliberately steering the company (and the market) in a direction that will skyrocket your organization to the top.

The team at UberFlip put together a list of 10 CMOs who fit the bill when it comes to having a major impact on their respective companies. Check out our favs:

  • Jonathan Becher, SAP- Sometimes you’ve got to be the “voice of the market”, […]

“It’s Not Complicated”…or is it?

imagesIt’s Not Complicated” may have been its name, but the insights that drove one of AT&T’s most successful ad campaigns ever were based on a massive three-year big-data project that was plenty complex.

The campaign, featuring comedian Beck Bennett and little kids in a classroom, was the product of a three-year project. It involved an analysis of 40 copy-test variables and tagging 370 AT&T and competitive wireless communications ads on everything from the type of humor used and how characters interact to type of storyline. The BBDO-created campaign that resulted from the analysis generated an additional $50 million in sales in AT&T’s estimation, said Greg Pharo, Director-Market Research and Analysis.

Here are some insights to what worked for AT&T:

  •    Ads with storylines are very effective
  •    Informative demonstrations boost ad performance
  •    Simple outperforms complicated
  •    Slice-of-life and transactional or promotional ads can […]

CMO’s Full Steam Ahead in 2014

UnknownIn 2014, significant shifts in the marketing landscape will dramatically influence how CMOs strategize and prioritize for success. CMOs will plunge forward into a year of uncertainty, where the only thing that’s clear is that sticking to the status quo will likely result in failure.

Three big changes to watch out for are…

1. The adoption of new technologies and media outlets: Marketing teams will continue to be challenged to do more with less. This year, as industries grow more competitive in increasingly crowded marketplaces, CMOs will have to take a more experimental approach to stand out. In addition, to ensure the ROI that their executive team expects, CMOs will need to use more resources for testing and experimentation. That includes richer measurement tools to manage campaigns to greater success.

2. The determination of native advertising’s value: Native advertising, promoted videos, tweets, […]

Barista to Bartender

imagesIn recent years, Starbucks has been looking to boost its revenue by expanding beyond its standard coffee and croissant offereings. In the last three years the Seattle-based company bought the juice company Evolution Fresh Inc. for $30 million, La Boulange, a Bay Area bakery, for $100 million, and the Atlanta tea chain Teavana Holdings Inc. for $620 million. Starbucks will even begin selling a celebrity-endorsed tea.  Oprah Winfrey announced at Starbucks’ annual meeting on Wednesday that she would back the brand, “Oprah Chai Tea”. The tea debuts April 29 at both Starbucks and Teavana stores, with proceeds going to education charities including the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls.

To round out their beverage offerings, Starbucks is going to start selling alcohol at thousands of stores. In addition to wine and beer, Starbuck’s after-4p.m evening […]

Spotlight on the Cloud-Salesforce/ExactTarget

CloudWarHere’s a look at our final reviewee in the cloud marketing game, Salesforce/Exact Target. Salesforce’s historical strength has always been in its CRM capabilities, especially with Sales Cloud. However, with a string of big-name acquisitions, it has announced itself as a major player in the digital marketing space. Upon acquisition of Indiana-based marketing analytics firm, ExactTarget in mid 2013, “the ExactTarget Marketing Cloud is the customer platform for 1:1 marketing, connecting companies with their customers in a whole new way,” says Dorsey, CEO of ExactTarget. Folded into that Exact Target deal was the October 2013 acquisition of Pardot. Pardot may actually be the real jewel in that deal.  It is a great solution for B2B marketers requiring sophisticated, yet easy-to-use lead nurturing capabilities . In addition, each application: Radian6: social media listening and monitoring; Buddy Media: social media content publishing and management; and  social media advertising […]