Meet Me At Starbucks

images 1Today we celebrate Coffee Day-what Monday is not coffee day-in a number of countries around the world, including Australia, Canada, England, Norway, Sweden and the United States. A love of caffeine knows no boundaries or days for that matter.

In consideration of this momentous day, Starbucks is also kicking off a big branding campaign that won’t just highlight coffee but instead promote what happens in its stores. The company derives its brand essence from roasted coffee flavors and the ambiance of a traditional coffee house. The campaign, however, is taking a different angle by focusing on how the brand nourishes relationships. The company is seeking to show how its stores “help facilitate human connections,” said Sharon Rothstein, Starbucks’ chief marketing officer.

A new ad features a look at the everyday things that happen at Starbucks cafés around the world. The commercial, which […]

Video Didn’t Kill the Radio Star

images1In 2013, the music industry, the first media business to be consumed by the digital revolution, saw its global sales rise for the first time since 1999, raising hopes that a long-sought recovery might have begun.

For years, the music industry’s decline looked terminal, with the record companies seemingly unable to come up with digital business models that could compete with the lure of online piracy. “At the beginning of the digital revolution it was common to say that digital was killing music,” said Edgar Berger, chief executive of the international arm of Sony Music Entertainment. Now, he added, it could be said “that digital is saving music”.

Fast forward to today. According to Nielsen SoundScan’s latest report, more than 70% of the music consumed in the first six months of 2014 in the U.S. was either downloaded or streamed — and streaming […]

Take Me Out to the ‘Suntrust’ Ballpark

Unknown1When the 1994 baseball season started, there was only a single MLB stadium whose name could be considered a result of corporate sponsorship (and the company owned the team at the time, so even that is up for debate). Now, fewer than one-third of the stadiums are without a corporate name over the gates. Today, 20% of the teams in the four major sports leagues have the name of a financial services company affixed to their home building.

Companies invest in stadium naming rights because it gives them long-term brand awareness, but banks seem to have a built a special relationship with sports. That’s because when a bank buys a sponsorship, they’re not just getting the right to paste their name on a big building — they become financial partners with the team. Bank sponsors can help with budgeting, ticketing, and even media […]

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Talk and Track-Ready for Take Off

images2The final piece of a social media marketing plan involves having a system you can follow to help you stay on top of updates and engaged with your community.

To start with, automate your updates. The goal of automation is not to remove work entirely but rather to help you work more efficiently. Here are four tips for a well-rounded automation plan: understand when to automate and when to engage; choose your tools for automation; find your ideal automation schedule; and create ways to stay tuned in to the conversation

Your plan doesn’t end with automation, though. Social media requires engagement, too. When people talk to you, talk back. Set aside time during your day to follow-up with conversations that are happening on social media. These are conversations with potential customers, references, friends, and colleagues.

Lastly, create a system for listening. Tools like Mention will send you an […]

From E Commerce to S Commerce

Infographic-The-Booming-Business-of-Social-Commerce-300x266Social commerce has been the latest buzzword over the last few months but you’re still having a hard time believing that it’s a real and thriving industry? A recent report from Invesp just might change your mind. “Mobile shoppers who read product reviews on social media channels show a higher conversion rate – as much as 133% higher,” the report reads. “On a grand scale, this conversion represents billions of dollars of business worldwide.”

Social commerce is all about inspiration and product. As an early adopter of social commerce, Nordstrom started using Pinterest as a way to inspire customers and tell a visual trend story. They added the Pin It button to their website so customers could easily collect their favorite items, spreading Nordstrom Pins virally. Further catching on to the fact that Pinterest is a fabulous social network for retail curation and user wishlists, […]

Talk and Track-Simply Measured

images2Remember how we talked about social media sharing being a very individual, specific endeavor? Your stats will likely start to bear this out. The more you post, the more you’ll discover which content, timing, and frequency is right for you.

How will you know? It’s best to get a reporting tool. Most major social networks will have basic analytics built into the site; it’s just a little easier to seek and find this information from an all-encompassing dashboard. These tools can show you a breakdown of how each post performed in the important areas of views, clicks, shares, likes, and comments.

Here are some insights on what kind of social media metrics you should be paying attention to according to your strategy:

  • Consumption metrics: How many people viewed, downloaded, or listened to this piece of content?
  • Sharing metrics: How resonant is this content, and how often […]

It’s Not Just Dog vs Cat

UnknownCadillac versus BMW; Neiman Marcus versus Macy’s; Macintosh versus PC;
 it can all seem like dog versus cat. Products versus brands; which one is better in today’s world? Product marketing differentiates your products from other products. Brand marketing differentiates your customers from other customers.

In the marketing community, there is a struggle between the two schools of thought. The product folks believe the ultimate winner in every marketing battle is the better product. If this is so, the role of a company’s marketing program is to communicate the features and benefits that make a company’s product clearly superior to its competitors. It’s simple, logical and most important of all; the product school fits the facts everybody already knows.

Just ask yourself a couple of questions..what’s the best coffee? Starbucks; what’s the best energy drink? Red Bull; what’s the best smartphone? the […]

Talk and Track-What, When & Where

images2So much of the social media experience is about your individual audience and niche. What works for some industries might not work for others. That being said, there is some pretty good data and insight about where to start. Here’s what we’ve found to be good jumping off points:

  • What should you be posting? Images are ideal. The push toward visual content has plenty of anecdotal evidence. Image posts get more views, clicks, reshares, and likes than any other type of post. And it’s not even close. Now that you know what works, you can place these different types of updates into a consistent strategy. Here are the basic five types of updates we all post: links, images, quotes, reshares and plain-text updates. Use a 4:1 strategy: use one type of post four times and then the fifth post use a different type. Also consider […]

The Time is Nigh for Apple

UnknownIt’s that time of year again when that little Cupertino, Calif.-based tech company is expected to make wide-ranging and far-reaching changes to its flagship product, the iPhone, which has been updated annually since launching in 2007. Leaked images and multiple reports show there could be two iPhone 6 models—4.7 inches and 5.5 inches—that are larger than the previous version. This change—with vivid viewing—would come just as mobile ad leaders like Facebook and Twitter are selling more rich media, video and in-feed promos.

Indeed, any changes to the iPhone will affect more than 40 percent of smartphone users in the U.S., per comScore. From screen adjustment to policy changes around location tracking, there could be profound impacts on how marketers attack mobile going forward. Facebook wouldn’t discuss its strategy for larger iPhone screens, but what’s clear is that it’ll offer a different experience when […]

Talk and Track- Speak Out

images2Now that you have chosen your networks and filled out your profiles, it’s time to start sharing, right? Not quite! Your leap into social media will be more focused and more on point if you come up with a voice and tone for your content. To start, branding is your identity. It is who you are and how the world sees your company. Great branding will lead to increased success, more so than just running a smooth but quiet operation. You can be the best little widget company in the world, however if no one knows you are there or if you cannot “speak” to the markets correctly, then you will be lost in the sea of noise. Ensure against this by having a strategy in place that focuses on the core values of your company.

Your brand voice is literally the […]