How Spooky is Your Content?

images 1It’s that time of year when our collective imaginations are captured by ghosts and ghouls, generous helpings of candy, and adorable kids and pets in ridiculous costumes. It’s Halloween, one of the most visible and visual of the annual holidays. The Halloween season offers an excellent opportunity for brands to be creative and interactive with brand marketing. The lighthearted spooktacular holiday is a chance to produce and post themed content that resonates with audiences of all ages.

Most noted campaigns thus far for 2014 include:

  • Bite-Sized Content from Oreo- For the consumer-packaged goods industry, Halloween is practically Christmas. With candy sales expected to top $2.5 billion this season, it’s clear while some pull out all the stops. A regular in the “most creative” category, Oreo, does not disappoint. Launching the The Oreo Laboratorium, the cookie brand makes adorably […]

Halloween Marketing-Taking A Walk On the Dark Side

images1Halloween has become one of the fastest-growing consumer holidays, making it big business for retailers with an estimated two-thirds of Americans gearing up to celebrate the scariest holiday of the year.  In 2013, the average person spent $77.52 compared to $75.03 last year. Collectively, that is estimated to equal $7.4 billion in sales – a number hard to ignore. As if escaping reality alone wasn’t enough to generate big business and sales for Halloween retailers, that fact that Halloween falls on a Friday this year is an added perk that all Halloween merchants and vendors can appreciate. From alcohol distributors to candy suppliers to costume vendors and more, sales are expected to increase across the board in all categories that support Halloween sales.

You can count on Halloween to bring out the creativity in consumers – and in brands, too. In years […]

Enterprise Marketing Soars in 2015

shutterstock_145072594-618x571IDC expects the global market for enterprise marketing software to soar to $32.3 billion by 2018 — a jump of more than 50 percent. The current state holds market share at $20.2 billion so far in 2014. This jump won’t come easy. It will require a delicate balance of technology, creative talent and IT services for the market to reach its potential. IDC breaks that market down into four broad categories: Interaction Systems, Content Production and Management, Data and Analytics and Management and Administration. Also, on the rise are “marketing-as-a-service” (MaaS) offerings where agencies and other marketing service providers run the software on behalf of their clients, as part of a larger bundle of services.

Meanwhile, the advertising world is swimming amongst a tremendous number of cataclysmic disruptions, such as: print and TV advertising isn’t what it used to be […]

Whole Foods-Values Matter

images1Austin-based Whole Foods Market launched its first national advertising campaign today that will focus on quality and value. The nation’s largest natural and organic chain, with 381 domestic stores and annual sales of $13 billion will be talking the talk coast to coast. Today, an expanding array of competitors, large and small, are already emphasizing better buys and biting away at the organic giant’s market share.

This move is one piece of a five-part strategy launched this summer to transform the brand as Whole Foods looks to regain its footing.  The slogan for the campaign that begins airing today: “Values matter.” Yes, that’s an intentional pun. On one level, the term value refers to price. The chain that some critics love to label “Whole Paycheck” is working hard to convince shoppers that, when all its considered, its prices can be […]

Be A Happy Brand

UnknownYou learn that creating customer loyalty is neither strategic nor tactic; rather, it is the ultimate objective and meaning of brand equity. Brand loyalty is brand equity.” Daryl Travis, Emotional Branding

Brands which display happy characteristics connect better with consumers. “Being associated with happiness helps build stronger emotional connections between consumers’ memory structures and the brand,” says Steve Hastings, planning partner and co-founder at Isobel. “A happy brand is a successful brand: it is better recalled, better liked and chosen more often.”

According to Isobel, happy brands are determined by five core characteristics: whether they are: playful, happy, trustworthy, generous and optimistic. “We felt these five values explained a lot of the differences in the way that people would consider a brand to be happy or not happy,” says Hastings. “We think that brands facilitate happiness in a […]

Millennials Defined

images1If there’s one thing every millennial hates, it’s an overly broad generalization about what every millennial thinks. But, we do know the millennial generation thinks differently about brands than its Generation X predecessors and the Baby Boomers before them. Millennials tend to be very socially aware, are prone to be more public about it, and they are simply more thoughtful and forward-looking. Authenticity is critical for brands to retain consumer loyalties. As a brand attempts to connect with the consumer as a particular type of person, then that message has to be consistent at all touch points where the consumer interfaces or comes into contact with the company or its products.

At the recent Advertising Week in New York, researcher and Exponential VP, Bryan Melmed presented the findings from his team’s data analysis of 4 million young adults.  You probably […]

Mobile Marketing Hits the Autobahn

images2We are spending 2 hours 51 minutes a day on our mobile devices. The only other media we spend more time on is TV at 4 hours and 21 minutes. This amount of increasing attention for mobiles has some big implications for advertising and marketing budgets.This mobile momentum is also partly driven by two technologies that have intersected that are both addictive and compulsive – social networks and mobile devices.

The emerging buzz about mobile marketing reveals that over the next few months we will see a massive jump in the ad spending, something the likes of which hasn’t been witnessed in over a decade. It is also predicted that digital ad spend will almost match TV by 2017 and mobile will be a big chunk of that. Here are some facts on mobile marketing that may grab your attention:

  • When […]

Modern Marketing Technologies: Friend or Foe

images 1From a distance, the modern marketing organization can look more like a tech department than a hub of creativity and ideas. CMOs today face the challenge to manage brand strategy and voice efforts under the same roof as data operations and analytics–while encountering pressure from the executive team to adopt data-driven solutions. Marketers today encounter a mind-boggling array of technologies. How can CMOs build marketing strategies that align with a changing technology landscape? Consider these questions:

  • Will the technology advance a critical marketing priority? This seems like an obvious consideration, but we often see the technology tail wagging the marketing dog. Marketers who ask this question make individual technology assessments in the context of the overall marketing priorities that a given tool will address.
  • Will the tool add balance to the marketing technology portfolio? It’s useful to categorize marketing technologies into three buckets. The first […]

Is It Time to Double-Down on Digital?

images1Planning season is upon us! Have you thought about your digital marketing action plan for 2015 yet? With all the SEO changes of the past several years, one thing we have learned for sure: the fresher the content you put out, the more successful your digital marketing efforts will be. The entire digital marketing cycle should be planned, analyzed, tweaked and planned again. In order to be prepared for 2015, create an action plan including the following factors:

  • Know your customer and their buying cycle
  • Categorize your customers
  • Determine delivery and push key messages through social media

Teradata found investments are trending upward for marketing and advertising as one looks into 2015, but the biggest emphasis will continue to be on digital, and toward personalization.  By 2019, the average investment in digital marketing will be approximately 40 percent of companies’ total marketing expenditure, up […]

TopRight Featured in the Atlanta Business Chronicle

daveAtlanta Business Chronicle Sept 26-October 2, 2014

TopRight has doubled the size of its Atlanta office and decided to relocate to the heart of Buckhead. The marketing firm will occupy almost 6,340 square feet on the 21st floor of Atlanta Plaza.

TopRight is relocating from The Forum office building near Interstate 75 in west Buckhead. The firm is expanding to about 20 employees in its Atlanta office in the near term, but could grow to 50 over the next two years, its executives say. It’s also growing in its other markets: Chicago, Manhattan and Washington, D.C. Next month TopRight will open a new office in Boston.

The firm, founded in 2006 by Dave Sutton, counts among its longstanding clients the American Red Cross and PBS. Jill Goldberg of Two Realty Partners LLC represented TopRight. Jeff Keppen […]

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