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Starbucks: The Morning After

For three hours this week, customers were unable to get their caffeine-fix at the nations largest chain of coffee houses. Under the auspices of improving customer service, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz shut down over 7,000 stores to re-train the company’s 135,000 employees. Was this an honest attempt to make an investment in improving the customer…

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Dave Sutton Featured on Fox Business News: MLB Endorsements

David Asman discusses steroid use and the impact it has on baseball with Dave Sutton, CEO of TopRight Partners, and Eric Bolling, former baseball player of the Pittsburgh Pirates. They cover topics such as the released steroid report, who was named, and how the sullying of the players’ reputation impacts the baseball industry. Personal branding,…

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Fox & Friends featuring Dave Sutton: MLB Steroid Fallout

Fox brings on Dave Sutton, CEO of TopRight Partners, to speak about attendance and endorsement deals in the midst of the steroid fallout. Ticket sales might decrease and some major brands will be questioning level of investments as businesses struggle to pull their brands away from notoriety back into reliability. The road ahead to restoring…

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