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Crisis is the Mother of Invention

Businesses have been forced to rapidly innovate in order to attract, develop, delight and retain customers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of those adaptations may not only save businesses but also open new paths for growth and innovation. Recently, I was on a panel of UVA alumni experts for a conversation about how crisis is…

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The Power of Transformational Marketing and AI

Dave Sutton webinar with Albert Technologies

Last week, I had the honor of co-hosting a webinar with Albert™, the world’s first fully autonomous digital marketer. We had a great discussion about the power of transformational marketing and the use of AI. Thank you to those who were able to attend – I hope you found the information helpful. You may access the…

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Stories about Transformational Marketing & AI

With AI, IoT, and new data requirements, the marketing landscape is rapidly changing for senior marketers. To drive marketing transformation in this new landscape, CMOs need new approaches to assess their current strategies, programs, and processes in order to be agile and adaptable for rapid change. What better way to learn marketing transformation than to…

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How to Overcome Marketing Complexity to Exceed Customer Expectations

topright strategic marketing operations webinar

How many of these phrases have you heard during your marketing department’s planning meetings? Eliminate silos! Be agile! Measure everything! Bring relevant messages to the right people in the right channels! Get these new technologies online ASAP! Marketing operations teams are faced with the unique challenge of not only making emotional connections with customers but also…

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Stop the Marketing Mayhem Now!

Does your marketing calendar resemble a Jackson Pollock painting? Does your budget look like a black hole – everything is on the “event horizon” and you never know what goes in or out? Control, in most cases, is an illusion. Or is it? We don’t think so. As a marketer, not only do you face external…

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Obliterate Your Customer Processes – The Impact of Digital

Successful businesses use strategies and tactics to target customers at all stages of the buying funnel for maximum awareness, leads, referrals and repeat purchases.  The customer no longer goes through a standard, predictable path to purchase.  Instead, the Customer BuyWay (TM) is varied, influenced by many outside factors and extremely personal. Marketers today must transform…

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Video: The Future of Marketing (And A Free Webinar, too)

Marketing plans are dead.  It’s not just technology advances, but it’s the customer exploration and competitive demand that require a more agile, evolutionary approach.   The traditional marketing approach of outbound messaging is being usurped by inbound customer-driven requests and connections. Long live the agile marketing plan that adapts to change, meets evolving consumer expectations…

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Free Webinar: The Digital Dog Ate My Process Map

This is a great time to be in marketing!  The challenge are great, but the rewards and ability to learn new things are enormous.   The days of campaign-oriented thinking – the traditional approach of “start-stop-measure-tweak-repeat” – are over.   Marketing has changed because technology has changed how consumers interact with brands across channels –…

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Getting the Most From Multi-Channel Marketing

Rare is the marketing campaign that runs in one channel.  Even a traditional TV ad or a direct mail piece will trigger an interaction by phone or online before a purchase occurs.  The opportunity for marketers is to develop a coordinated positioning strategy to find, nurture, and convert leads across multiple channels.   Unfortunately, the traditional…

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