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5 Ways to Maintain an Unbeatable Team

Even during the current crisis, I’ve seen a lack of brand leaders stepping forward to talk about what their own contributions must be when it comes to creating formidable alliances and resilient teams. Too often, the implication is that a CEO or CMO need only hire the right folks, after which it’s just a matter…

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5 Common COVID Misconceptions

“During this difficult period …” “In times like these …” “The [blank] team is here for you …” Any of these sound familiar? Of course they do. I get the same emails. I’ve been keeping track for about two weeks, and I’d guess I’ve received more than two dozen messages that start just like this.…

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Getting Smart About Consumer Intelligence

“No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.” As this rather cynical and oft-cited quote from H.L. Mencken (usually misattributed to P.T. Barnum) suggests, we Americans can sometimes be considered, well, not always the deepest thinkers. Whether or not it’s true—despite our apparent love for reality television, we did cure polio…

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Cutting Through the Fake News for Political Authenticity

If millennials are about any one thing alone, it’s authenticity. And can we blame them? For decades now, American culture and the marketing industry have been blasting out messages of boundless materialistic rewards, exaggerated personal self-regard, phony or meaningless branding, and a whole range of promises that were, for many, ultimately broken. And in 2016…

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The Art of the Story and Fact v. Fiction

Or as some might say—“alternative facts.” As I listen every day to news, political, social and business commentary, and even marketing and advertising, I am struck by a recurring theme – a recurring problem – the very loose connection, at best, that many of our current forms of communication and discourse have with anything resembling…

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B2B Branding Lives and Dies by Trust

Over the past few months on the TopRight blog we’ve written at length about the world of B2B, and what it really is as opposed to what it’s perceived to be. I’ve also talked a bit before about the act of seeing in marketing—how perception matters and what it means to use it or alter…

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Transforming How Your Customers See You

It is a truism that the lens through which your customers look determines how they see you, understand you, or not, and choose to engage with you, or not. And from every one of our experiences over many decades of marketing, we know that what your customers choose to buy is not actually your product…

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Politics and Branding: Should You Take a Stand?

Apparently, our Tweeter-in-Chief has returned to the fold as a supporter of one of America’s greatest brands—a company he’s criticized over the past year because of decisions made to move some of their manufacturing oversees—the one, the only, Harley-Davidson. What’s significant about this? Well, only one year ago Trump aimed one of his Twitter-tantrums at…

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M&A and the Challenges of a “New” Brand Strategy

Disney to acquire 21st century FOX

Every week we see the constant activity of growth and consolidation in the market generated by a continual stream of M&A announcements – some big, some small, but seemingly never-ending. In this context, we are often asked for our thoughts and to help answer key questions about the brand story and strategy once the deal…

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How Data is Changing the Role of the CMO

How Big Data Is Changing the Role of the CMO

Today’s CMOs don’t look quite like they did five years ago. Back in 2013, I joined a MarTech start-up as their first head of sales and marketing. We were building an audience intelligence platform to mine social data and build customer segments based on the expressed interests discovered using natural language processing and machine learning. I…

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