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Posts by Bill Fasig

Winning the Presidency with the 6-Second Story

In a recent MarketingProfs’ interview, I discussed the “The Secret Sauce in the 6-Second Brand Story.” Why is this important? Because in today’s frenetic world of digital noise, you have ONLY six seconds to earn the attention of your prospective customer. A 6-second window for making a connection. Six seconds to give your customers, your audience, a reason to…

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The Evolution of the 6-Second Marketing Story

This is an evolutionary tale for marketers, full of dinosaurs, dragons, and other extinct species – and lots of fast-talking.  It is also a cautionary tale for marketers who are unable to adapt to the foundational need for simplicy, clarity and alignment (and now speed and efficiency) in brand storytelling, lest they too become an…

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Brand Story: Hillary 5.0 is Budweiser, not a Micro-Brew

Political candidates are — like it or not — just like beer, soda, snacks and cars – they have a brand, and authentic storytelling is a critical part of the go-to-market strategy that is required for that brand.  Recognizing this, the Clinton Campaign team has been enhanced by experts from consumer and corporate branding and marketing, according to…

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Brand Messaging Clarity Trumps Cleverness

The grand and driving rule of effective brand strategy is authenticity.  Whatever your brand stands for, it has to be proven out in the actual customer experience, repeatedly, consistently and  universally.  That is also true in how you communicate your brand story.  At TopRight, we strive to discover and create a “6-Second Story” for our…

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Insulting the American Intellect: A Storytelling FAIL

How important is authenticity in telling your story, selling your service, describing your product, advocating your policy position? I think everyone would say “Very.” What happens when we miss this mark, as we all too often do? Tomorrow (Tuesday, December 9, 2014)  MIT professor and Obamacare architect, Jonathan Gruber, now famed for his extraordinary comments…

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