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Posts by Bill Price

Making Order Out of Chaos

The speed of change in MarTech is accelerating. You may have noticed how rapidly our world is changing. It’s crazy—and the pace of change is only increasing. In order to survive and thrive in this “new normal,” there’s a need to evaluate your marketing practices so you can recalibrate and course correct your business operations for…

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Need Drives Change, Preparedness Drives Success

With the world changing in unexpected ways, American workers and employers are on the lookout for a whole new set of work tools, technologies, and even daily rituals to stay on their game. All of us, certainly, will need new methods of coping and staying productive as we navigate uncharted and often choppy waters. Remote…

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4 Ways Branding Is Like Fitness Training

In what I’m hoping will become a series of inspirational posts over the next few months, I’m going to delve into what I learned about myself and the art of branding once I changed my personal life and started exercising again. No, I’m no musclebound gym rat, like some of us here at TopRight, but…

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Be Infallible: Master Your 2020 Destination Plan

Well, so long 2019! The year is nearly over already. And, as usual, you’ve given a lot of thought to where you’ll be by Thanksgiving 2020—right? And you’ve put it all into your business plan, for sure. … correct? No? Well I have! See, we’re almost to the holiday season, and I have too much…

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5 Things Millennials Need from You, Like, Yesterday

According to a ton of data produced by Pew Research over the past five years or so, millennials are on the cusp of becoming the largest population segment in the US, and possibly the largest the country has ever seen. The group’s traits and characteristics tend to confound older generations, however, who sometimes find them…

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Your Marketing Health—Does It Need a Boost?

For my first post as TopRight’s newest partner, I want to write about something I just don’t see enough marketers taking seriously. It has to do with health—the health of their brand. Major public health issues have cropped up in the news lately, everything ranging from summer flu outbreaks to the diagnosis and treatment of…

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