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Posts by Connor Reddick

Brands of the World Unite! The Ten Hidden Benefits of Partnerships

A strong alliance is the only thing that wins wars. Prove me wrong. And I don’t just mean battles in the Marvel Cinematic Universe—although that’s a pretty cool illustration, too. In real life, everything from curing diseases to winning World War II to the mid-century battle for Civil Rights to humankind’s ability to send people…

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A Response to Seth Godin

When big or traumatic things happen, the clichés start falling like snow. In a time of coronavirus, these have predictably centered around notions of comfort, mixed with a little bit of harsh truth. “The new normal will be anything but ordinary.” “We’re all in this together.” “Embrace change or fall behind.” Etc., etc. But aren’t…

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Millennial Ponderings: Reflections on the Crisis

I’ve been thinking a lot about the impact of this pandemic on our lives. I know—so original right? But hear me out. We tend to consider this crisis at scale: economies ground to a halt, borders closed, and millions sick, unemployed, and isolated. Tens of thousands are dead with the worst still to come for…

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Kobe Bryant: The Man and the Brand

On January 26th, a helicopter crashed into the Calabasas hills in California, killing all onboard. Basketball legend Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna, and seven others lost their lives. They left behind families, friends, colleagues, and millions of fans who will never forget them and can never forget the impact Kobe had on them. But as…

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5 Crises that Will Become Opportunities in 2020

From a political perspective, 2019 can make you shake your head in bewilderment. Impeachment hearings, election meddling, market turbulence, an increasingly polarized voter base—the list goes on and on. Pundits predicted that once the rest of the world realized America had lost its damn mind, they would point, laugh, and replace us on the world…

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Smart Hippies with iPhones

Millennials. Just a bunch of avocado toast eatin’, money wastin’, Instragram usin’, text messagin’ snowflakes with their heads in the clouds. Right? Well. Depends who you ask. WTF Is a Millennial? A walking contradiction. Millennials are the same as you—yet entirely different. We are the most powerful generation to walk the earth—yet also the most…

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