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Transforming Nonprofits

As some have noted in recent years, the embrace of marketing concepts and practices has transformed the nonprofit landscape. I read recently about a push for the donation of unused frequent flyer miles and was struck by what a great and clear-headed example of the alignment of marketing and fundraising this was. Clearly nonprofits have…

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6 Mistakes Nonprofits Make All the Time

Christmastime is upon us, and the nation’s nonprofits are on full blast till the end of year. There’s Make-a-Wish, Robin Hood Foundation, Action Against Hunger, and so many others. All in all, every last one has an important message for the world. So, who gets your donation this season? Or who deserves it? Often, only a…

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5 Unstoppable Cyber Monday Trends

It was just about thirteen years ago that companies rolled out the very first post-Thanksgiving weekend online sales bonanza. The Monday after the holiday had never been a big sales day, but by 2008 more than 80% of online retailers were participating in the new event. In 2010, what was now called Cyber Monday was…

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5 Steps for Avoiding Mayhem in Your Digital Transformation

There is a common misconception that digital transformation involves nothing more than acquiring, configuring, and installing new technologies. You just roll out the systems, and the customer experience is miraculously transformed. You just flip a switch and all of your people line up to flawlessly execute your strategy and deliver on the promises of your…

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Pains and Gains of Taking Your eCommerce Business Global

I was reminded this week about how eCommerce businesses can be a little tricky to setup and run successfully. With the launch of my new book, Marketing, Interrupted, we’ve attracted attention from interested readers all around the world. The journey to get the book into the hands of our target audience has not come without…

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Do Generational Differences Matter?

marketing across generations

Very soon, Judi Friedman will be publishing an interesting article about the generation that she believes should be viewed by us marketers as the most culturally and economically influential. But in our anticipation of this piece about the power of generational influence in marketing, a few questions have been coming to mind. For instance, how…

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How to Simplify Your Brand Story With Video

Barbara Millett, the Marketing Manager at Peppermint Technology, was trapped in the classic technology product marketing dilemma. She had a great product to market, but it came with a ridiculously complicated story. Making matters worse, her target buyer was one of the most skeptical, judgmental, and discerning audiences out there: lawyers. Peppermint Technology provides law…

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8 Ways Chick-fil-A Lives Up to Their Story

8 ways chickfila lives up to their story

It turned out to be “Chick-fil-A week” here at TopRight. We’ve been reading and thinking about their products and brand strategy so much lately that I got a serious hankering and swung into a nearby location for lunch. I wanted to make sure I hadn’t somehow forgotten what the experience is all about. Can they…

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Last Year of the Kow: Minor Complications in the Chick-fil-A Strategy

I’ve written before about Chick-fil-A’s transition from its neat-and-tidy “Eat Mor Chikin” campaign to a more diffuse customer-focused approach. Though successful in some important respects, its new consumer value strategy has turned out to be something of a Pandora’s box, with the fast food behemoth unleashing a whirlwind of test campaigns upon us—everything from an…

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