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Posts by Dave Sutton

4 Tips for Creating a Truly Impactful Brand Identity

Interested in entertainment, sports, media, broadcasting, and storytelling? Next month, TopRight will be hosting a fantastic panel of all-female speakers—sign up now! A memorable and impactful brand identity takes time to build. There’s more to it than picking a name, choosing a few colors and throwing together a logo. Your design needs to be thought…

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Six Seconds: The Origin Story

Interested in entertainment, sports, media, broadcasting, and storytelling? Next month, TopRight will be hosting a fantastic panel of all-female speakers—sign up now! As we emerge from a pandemic year, marketing as storytelling has been on my mind. I was thinking specifically about the history of the six-second story, a concept that is at the core…

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Do You Know More About Your Customers in 2021?

This article features highlights from an interview with Anthony Smith, the Founder and CEO of Insightly. Insightly leads customer relationship management (CRM) innovation for growing businesses by connecting sales, marketing and delivery in one secure and easy-to-use platform. A recent survey of 500 decision-makers, commissioned by Insightly, indicated that customer relationship management, data management and…

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The Power of Brand Story for Small Businesses

According to these small business statistics, more than 20% of small businesses don’t succeed within their first year. Even more fail in their second year. What might have helped them stay alive? Strong strategic marketing. More specifically, good brand storytelling. A major part of marketing for small businesses is the brand story at the heart…

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Killer Pillars: What the Best Brand Stories Have in Common

“Target long-tail keywords” is a common SEO best practice for beginners, and for good reason. Keywords that are followed by specifications have fewer competitors and, as a result, are easier to rank for in the search engine result pages (SERPs). For instance, it is much easier to rank for “what is email marketing” than it…

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Top 5 B2B Marketing Strategies for 2021

Keeping in mind what a rollercoaster 2020 was, a responsible B2B marketer ought to enter 2021 prepared. The game plan? Focus on a robust, flexible marketing strategy ready to tackle a year full of uncertainty. Today, we’ll explore five potent B2B marketing strategies for 2021. Let’s get into it! 1. Focus On SEO Search engine…

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6 Tech Tips to Boost Brand Awareness

Technology is both a friend and a foe of businesses, especially small businesses. Fortunately, the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages. As you may know, MarTech can be used in many ways, but most importantly it’s used to build a brand’s reputation while communicating with a huge number of people at once without having to spend…

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Get More Creative With Marketing Strategy


Marketing strategy is a foundational aspect of any business model, no matter how large or small a business it may be. It is the approach that a brand takes to reach out to its audience, tell its story, engage them, and eventually turn them into paying customers and foster growth and expansion of the brand.…

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5 Benefits of Outsourcing

marketing outsourcing

As more businesses are learning to strike that balance between quality and cost, outsourcing is becoming a more commonplace tool for cutting expenses. Outsourcing isn’t just a reference to shipping manufacturing jobs abroad. Typically, small-scale outsourcing is when any size business taps the human resources of any other company that can offer support of repetitive…

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What’s the Story With Wine?

Note:  This is a followup article to the story we published last October during harvest season!   Wine isn’t just a nice way to unwind, or a second career for people who decide to buy a vineyard — it’s a huge international industry.  For example, did you know that the market size of all global…

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AI Is Reshaping the Digital Marketing Industry: Myth or Truth?

Is AI reshaping the digital marketing industry? Yes! In recent years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a vital entity in the realms of digital marketing, with digital marketers across the globe leveraging AI to streamline and optimize digital marketing campaigns and gain client loyalty in the digital age. For most people, AI seems more of…

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The Year in SEO Strategy

You may wonder why I’ve spent so much time writing on search strategy and search engine optimization (SEO) this year. The answer is that critical importance of SEO strategy for brands was vastly accelerated by the pandemic. According to the US Department of Commerce, consumers spent $861.12 billion online with U.S. merchants in 2020, up…

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