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Posts by Natalie Ross

4 Steps to Fantastic Brand Story (That Anyone Can Follow!)

We get a lot of questions about good brand story, especially from startups and young companies. In first establishing their businesses, many have not had the time to even consider brand story yet. Worse, they often assume a “brand” is just a logo and a web page—but they couldn’t be more wrong. Story is critical…

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On Branding Your Little Corner of the World

Last week, the TopRight team held a web event, Place Branding: Creating Value Beyond Names, Logos, and Slogans. We hosted four fantastic guests who spoke from the perspectives of marketing and development, private industry, government, and the nonprofit world. Each speaker maintained a focus on how place branding drives its impact beyond tourism to transform…

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The 2020 Holidays Are Make-or-Break for Brands

The holidays. They’ve always been a time of familiar comforts. For business owners, Thanksgiving heralded the arrival of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, followed like clockwork by a month of elevated pre-Christmas sales and in-store purchasing. Businesses, shoppers, families—everyone got what they wanted as we all took some time to unwind with family before the…

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