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How to Get the Most Out of Your Sales and Marketing Teams

Managers please take note: it’s not that hard to get the maximum effort out of your sales and marketing teams. It takes four simple things: compensation, recognition, clarity, and trust. The first two, compensation and recognition are pure motivators, plain and simple. The third, clarity, is an important piece to keep team members focused on…

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Business Development: It’s all About Personal Relationships

Some people don’t distinguish between “business development” and “sales”. Not me. Business development certainly includes sales, but it’s more than just skinning the cat once or twice.  Business development is the cultivation of long-term personal relationships, developing a sense of trust with those who are buying things from you, and turning customers into clients by…

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What the 2014 Mid-term Elections Mean for Business

Clearly, November’s mid-term elections were good for Republicans and bad for Democrats, and therefore a tremendous success for the business community, which bet heavily on mainstream GOP candidates.   It paid off. Republicans now maintain majorities in the U.S. House and Senate and picked up some governorships (Maryland, my Maryland!) and state legislatures. With presidential…

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