Powering Up A Marketing Department


  • There were significant limitations in the availability to management of consolidated information on strategies, current and forecasted workload, performance measures and metrics
  • ABC needed assistance in launching a new “Production and Operations Management System” to manage department workflows and enable analytic rigor within a highly creative culture


  • Validate business requirements and workflows and map to the selected marketing automation software (Aprimo)
  • Create an illustrative Aprimo workflow – a hands-on lab to engage users in design and configuration decisions
  • Implement the integrated suite of applications to manage information, production materials and workflow from product concept to
  • Provide change management support and help drive a major culture change as users adapt to an automated, business rule-driven workflow
  • Generate user adoption through of e-learning modules, hands-on training and proactive desk side support


  • Streamlined production processes – topping 13,000 elements per year with over 7000 of those being produced in-house
  • Enhanced visibility between campaign management and the production workflows that result from those campaigns allowing management to react more quickly to the dynamics of the business


Case Study ABC EMM