Creating A Strategic Playbook To Win


  • ACT desires to transform its current go-to-market strategy to leverage its core competencies in test preparation and development, and capitalize on the tremendous potential of the data generated from ACT’s testing activities
  • ACT wants to develop the next generation of testing and assessment products and solutions, and to create an architecture that will enable greater partnership and collaboration opportunities with major third party organizations, including social networking and online career management sites


  • Define and gain alignment on future state vision and next generation product offerings across both the Education and Workforce Development divisions
  • Develop and prioritize the business requirements necessary to realize and deliver on the future state vision, incorporating technology as well as process, organization, and workforce capability requirements
  • Design a Strategic Playbook of key initiatives that will lay out the releases, sequencing, timing and business case for the strategic and technology initiatives that will deliver on the business requirements


  • Validated market opportunity and revealed critical dependencies on marketing capabilities that must be developed to win in the market
  • Quantifies business value to be captured from change in go-to-market strategy
  • Generated executive alignment on destination and secured support for 5-year strategic marketing plan, roadmap and business case


Case Study ACT Playbook