Institutionalizing Marketing Spend Effectiveness


  • Financial outcome of new ADM positioning campaign is completely driven by incremental cross-sell activity
  • Ability to analyze cross-sell activity is limited: data is spread across divisions; consolidated sales database does not link all customer activity
  • Sales tracking is not yet automated: difficult to link sales funnel progression to sales outcomes


  • Conducted customer survey – quarterly tracking study
  • Conducted sales team survey – filling gaps between sales and pipeline tracking data
  • Performed trend analysis of sales data – pre-post analysis using statistical techniques
  • Created internal sales performance tracking model leveraging marketing lead generation database


  • ADM now has a rich set of MSE measurement and ROI Planning capabilities that give their executive team:
  • Recognition of incremental marketing impact
  • Heavier targeting of high margin segments
  • Tighter sales integration
  • Improved MSE performance tracking


Case Study ADM MSE