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Transforming Marketing To Enhance Growth


Managing the marketing material for a portfolio of brands exposes a company to several potential pitfalls:

  • Version control and work duplication
  • Inefficiencies associated with open-ended reviews and constant revisions
  • Lack of task accountability, reporting capability, and process visibility
  • Unknown true costs of marketing activities and campaigns
  • Lower than optimal productivity and employee fatigue


  • TopRight’s EMM practice guided AGCO’s implementation and configuration of Aprimo Professional
  • Focusing as much on the change management aspect of implementing new software as the product itself
  • TopRight was able to help several divisions and outside agencies effectively adopt a new way of jointly increasing productivity


  • Over fifty internal and agency partners/vendors trained on Aprimo
  • Successful roll-out of new project management tools: transformation to live management of process workflows
  • A predictable reduction in redundant material reviews and revisions, through digital asset management
  • Faster delivery time for brochures, magazines, photo shoots, and advertisements


Case Study AGCO EMM