Air Miles

Powering Up A New Internal Agency


  • In order to meet growth objectives, Air Miles is launching several new businesses including agency services to their sponsor companies
  • New internal agency created – taking back services that had been outsourced before and also attempting to serve new external clients
  • Need to develop agency operating model from ground up: strategy, process, people and technology


  • Conduct marketing resource management diagnostic
  • Understand current marketing business requirements
  • Define the “to-be” operating model for the agency and identify critical process, organization and technology components
  • Evaluate technology solutions to support planning, budgeting, production activities, performance management, asset management, etc.
  • Assess organization readiness and create change management protocols
  • Create overall roadmap for powering up the internal agency creating new capabilities over time and introducing enabling technologies


  • New internal agency has been launched and branded (Direct Antidote)
  • “To-be” state defined and endorsed by management
  • Evaluating technology solutions to automate work flows


Case Study AirMiles EMM