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Navigating The Consumer BuyWay


  • Changing industry business practices validated that patient focus is growing in importance
  • Convergence of market trends pushing more direct consumer involvement in health care decisions
  • No significant Amsurg direct consumer marketing initiatives
  • Concerns about competitors building consumer preference through direct marketing that could affect Amsurg growth


  • Segment customer base to identify addressable and profitable consumer segments
  • Define each desired target segment and develop the value proposition required to win the segment
  • Pilot direct marketing efforts to create customer experience consistent with the Amsurg brand


  • Designed & executed the company’s first foray into consumer segmentation research
  • Work was structured in a creative manner, completed on time, and the results presentation was clear and compelling
  • Used this research to develop advertising in a category that is very challenging and this work will give Amsurg a much higher probability of success


Case Study Amsurg BuyWay