Angel Oak

Creating Leadership in a Redefined Market


  • Create a new definition for the “non-conforming” residential mortgage opportunity against the backdrop of more stringent lending guidelines within a market still in transition and recovery from the financial recession
  • Establish Angel Oak as the leader for the redefined market, based on skill, experience, trustworthiness and vested interest in broker & borrower success
  • Reduce the potential negative association with prior market forces that may have followed key Angel Oak stakeholders


  • Developed the brand positioning, architecture, and marketing strategy
  • Positioned Angel Oak as the defacto market leader for the redefined market
  • Created a tagline to provide broad application for both brokers and borrowers
  • Designed new visual elements that reflect audience segments built on financial status and geography
  • Established segmented communications plan focused on key targets


  • Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions has experienced tremendous growth, with expansion into 30 states in just over a year.
  • The business continues to receive very positive trade endorsements due to conservative, yet innovative products and services.
  • Creative approaches in marketing strategy and execution have gained traction among brokers and borrowers alike.


Case Study Angel Oak