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Argent Mortgage

Migrating Customers To Higher Value Segments


  • The company was not allocating the right resource mix to its most productive brokers
  • 11% of brokers responsible for almost 80% of funded volume
  • 47% of brokers account for 7% of submissions and only 1% of funded loans
  • High value brokers frustrated with low-value clients monopolizing the time of assigned service personnel
  • Experiencing high cost-to-serve with lower value brokers


  • Conducted a broker survey focusing on needs-based and demographic data
  • Built customer segments using cluster analysis techniques and identified improvement opportunities from the market research insights
  • Developed segment-specific strategies for Sales, Production (Services) and Marketing, including tailored advertising and promotions strategies
  • Prioritized strategies and tactical initiatives based on broker segment value / potential to ensure resources were focused on the most productive partners
  • Used customized marketing mix modeling /MSE tools to measure impact of various marketing initiatives on loan origination volume


  • Ability to measure the loan origination volume lift attributed to different forms of outreach and advertising
  • Marketing plan and a roadmap of customer-centric initiatives to improve to the highest priority opportunity areas
  • Analytics and initiatives focused on migrating a significant percentage of brokers to the next value segment tier


Case Study Argent BuyWay