Attracting and Retaining Talent in a Highly Competitive Labor Market


As a technology company competing fiercely for the right candidates within a limited talent pool, Asurion faced the challenge of finding and keeping top talent – people with the skills, knowledge, experience, competencies and values that provide a match for the roles and values within the organization.

The goal of this project was to develop a compelling Employee Value Proposition – A narrative that helps Asurion:

  • Stand out from the ‘sea of sameness’ and differentiate themselves from their competition to better attract qualified candidates and retain current employees.
  • Effectively communicate key benefits through consistent and authentic messaging that resonates with the high-quality talent they seek.


  • Conducted in-depth interviews with select employees and candidates to understand the various factors that influence their decision to join and/or stay with Asurion
  • Developed benefit corridors via in-depth interviews and generated/verified hypotheses through quantitative research
  • Transformed data into actionable insights through a stated vs derived analysis methodology to identify not only what’s important to employees and candidates, but also what ultimately drives their behavior to join and/or stay at Asurion
  • Leveraged the insights to support the development of a compelling employee value proposition strategy and narrative
  • Developed a strategic framework to be activated at different touchpoints in the employee lifecycle


  • Generated key insights that drive employees and candidates to join and stay with an organization like Asurion. We found that people want an organization that offers:
    • Career-enhancing guidance and growth opportunities for people
    • Passionate leaders who value team success and create a rewarding and supportive work environment
    • Flexibility in time and location for people to do their work and achieve peak productivity and performance
    • Recognition of accomplishments and contributions through competitive compensation
    • An environment that champions strong social awareness and ethical standards
    • An environment where leaders authentically embody and promote the organizational core values
    • An environment that inspires a sense of pride in the work people do and the impact they can make
  • Provided execution recommendations through customized creative briefs to enable effective communication of the key messaging points


Case Study Asurion