Bijoux Terner

Developing Consumer Insights


Bijoux Terner needed to gain a better understanding of their customers, including:

  • Who are they? What are their attitudes toward shopping and accessories?
  • Where do they shop? Which type of Bijoux Terner store? Who else are they shopping?
  • How often do they shop?
  • How do they shop?
  • What are they buying and why are they buying it?
  • Are the buying for themselves or for others?


  • Defined and profiled Bijoux Terner’s customer segments including: demographics, geographics, uses, shopping occasions & behaviors, preferences & attitudes, reaction to different pricing strategies, prioritization of concepts and attributes, and other general consumer attributes
  • Defined consumer brand perceptions for Bijoux Terner and its competitors
  • Synthesized findings & implications for U.S. market expansion strategy


Client gained detailed understand of areas critical to driving expansion strategy, including:

  • Bijoux Terner’s five primary consumer segments and which ones should be their primary and secondary targets
  • Key drivers of shopping behavior for each segment
  • Differences between domestic and international shoppers
  • Differences in shopping behavior between airports, casinos, and outlets


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