Biotechnology Industry Organization

Capturing Customers Through Engaging Video


  • BIO conducts networking and business development events around the world including China, India, Europe, the US and Japan
  • Events have traditionally been promoted and managed individually and there was little cross-leveraging to bi-laterally promote attendance and support the success of each event
  • Year after year attendance figures for most events were flat or decreasing


  • TopRight played a key role developing BIO’s new approach to promote their worldwide events as a package. TopRight participated in the development of a campaign with messaging and creative centered around the theme “Attend the Full Spectrum of BIO Events”
  • TopRight’s major deliverable included a “sizzle reel” video to promote the full spectrum of events, and an additional eight videos promoting each event in the context of the full suite of global events


  • Greater awareness of BIO’s full suite of events
  • Increased attendance in the first two events after campaign was launched
  • Improved branding on website and onsite events


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