Blue Cross Blue Shield Tennessee

CRM Optimization for Member-Centric Marketing


  • Marketing technology was aging and riddled with outdated customizations that make upgrades and introduction of new feature sets very cost-prohibitive.
  • Lengthy segmentation process on inflexible technology severely limited the speed by which the mar-tech team could execute marketing and clinical campaigns.
  • Internal teams, frustrated by the slow turnaround times, went around formal processes to get campaigns out the door, resulting in a poorly targeted and often confusing member experience.
  • Significant investment made in Marketing Operations and workflow automation without process optimization exposed process hiccups and pitfalls and frustrated users.
  • Highly regulated industry. All marketing materials required explicit regulatory/legal and IT review & approval.


  • Assess business needs to develop a viable set of technology recommendations to meet the needs of the business, particularly in optimizing what was already in house.
  • Motivate the various marketing, clinical, data and campaign production teams to embrace the member-centric vision by seeing how it could be applied to their particular department and quotidian work.
  • Question legacy system and process in order to break apart organizational complacency and create opportunity for improvement.
  • Highlight opportunity and vulnerability of the mar-tech and data teams to serve a business that is truly member-centric.


  • Detailed audit of every aspect of the campaign management ecosystem, and alignment with analytics, IT and CRM teams.
  • Outlined go-forward strategic technology options and constructed a detailed vendor outreach program to leverage additional capabilities of existing technologies.
  • Developed short term and long term prioritization of opportunities and a work schedule for executing these projects.
  • Enabled marketing team members to review their marketing processes within the context of the current technology mix.
  • Supported enablement of a broad change in mar-tech operating process and strategy


Case Study BCBS Tennessee