Brady Services

Making Innovation Real


  • Brady lacked a clear understanding of market perception of their legacy brand, both from internal associates as well as customers and prospect.
  • The desire to shift to a new brand position is challenged by an observed inability to communicate a clear, understandable description of both the current brand platform as well as the desired brand destination
  • An additional hurdle includes internal skepticism of the ability to be a technology innovator, given perceived lack of sophisticated systems and processes to support the existing business units
  • Historically and currently, Brady has not staffed skilled marketing resources at a level to build and sustain a leadership position based on an understanding of market needs and related managed products and services


Developed Digital Transformation Story, Strategy, and Systems (3S) Playbook

  • Led an introductory kick-off meeting with the key leaders and stakeholders to define the project scope and align on objectives
  • Conducted over 40 individual interviews (internal associates, customers, prospects, advisors) to understand market perception of the current Brady brand and the future vision to become a technology leader
  • Consolidated feedback to identify key marketing initiatives to drive brand understanding, development and execution
  • Created a Story/Strategy/Systems (3S) Playbook that isolated 10 distinct marketing-based initiatives to stabilize current brand management and to build a launch plan for a brand pivot


  • Provided Brady with initial guidance on developing a clear, concise “story” to describe their current business in terms that both associates and customers can understand and communicate in a consistent manner
  • Delivered a structured, prioritized action plan for Brady to implement in support of their vision to become a technology innovator
  • Identified key business strategy gaps and organizational requirements (structure and resources) that will be necessary to achieve success with the go-forward vision
  • Brady selected as a 2017 winner of the Innovative Workplace at the NC Tech Awards
  • Launched innovative smart building analytics platform branded “Building Clarity” in partnership with SAS Institute

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