Brockmans Gin

Using AI to Accelerate Market Entry


Brockmans premium gin, a UK product, lacked an audience across the Atlantic and needed an efficient and effective method of gaining a foothold in the American market.

  • Although the brand had success in Europe, it hadn’t yet cracked into markets abroad.
  • Although gin is a spirit with a fine reputation elsewhere, it is not known in the United States to be as in demand as whiskey, vodka, and other spirits.
  • The campaign needed to be up and running leading into the holiday season.


The plan was to engage with partners, Beehive and Silverdoor, to use top-shelf creative, artificial intelligence, and social media to create personas and elicit immediate impact.

  • Step 1: Care Go to Market Story and Strategy

With data collection and the use if AI via a Facebook sweepstake campaign, TopRight built a database of leads.

  • Step 2: Listen Build Personalized Campaigns

Using our CRM platform, Beehive AI, and a series of lookalikes, TopRight created audience personas: Trendy Tina, Suburban Sandy, and Cocktail Christine.

  • Step 3: Engage Activation of Personalized Campaigns

Using the AI data as a basis, the team initiated a series of personalized campaigns based on the personas. The campaigns elevated awareness of both Brockmans and also interesting gin cocktails and drink recipes.

  • Step 4: Buy Learn, Tune, & Convert

The AI feature made recommendations based on audience response, helping sales efforts.

  • Step 5: Stay Sales Training

Sales training was initiated for various cities: NY, LA, Charlotte, and other NFL Cities.


The campaign brought in notable results and effectively cemented Brockmans entry into the American market, creating a foundation for 2021.

  • The Facebook Sweepstakes rendered over 1500 responses to the survey.
  • We developed three personas and personalized campaigns to engage audiences based on AI analysis of survey responses.
  • The campaigns elicited over 167,000 impressions on social media.
  • The email campaign itself rendered an open rate of nearly 60% with a CTR of 4.5%
  • A foundation for 2021 sales in several US cities was established, with a clear through line for future growth.


Brockmans Gin Case Study