Camp Jam

Creating a High Impact Online Community


  • Camp Jam reaches a base of 12,000 young passionate musicians who have attended a summer program in the past five years
  • There is no way to stay engaged with this audience the rest of the year
  • Camp Jam also has a network of successful rock musicians that they want leverage throughout the year – participating in contests such as “play the hit made famous by” or “kick the rock star out of the band by recording the best track.“


  • TopRight designed, developed and launched the marketing for “Jamling”, an interactive site for amateur musicians to play along with their favorite hits and favorite rock musicians
  • Jamling features hit songs that are downloaded to a recording application, allowing the user to listen to the song in its entirety or isolate the instrument track to learn the part
  • There is no other site for amateur musicians to rerecord and share hit songs


  • Jamling launched in 15 US and Canadian cities receiving feedback from 2500 students. The results were overwhelmingly favorable
  • The company is working to enhance the learning experience with notation and tablature music of each song as well as learning videos by famous rock musicians. Jamling delivers gross margins of 85% with minimal staff requirements


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