Launching A Product Offering


  • Create a simple, consistent offer architecture across programs / practices to minimize sales complexity while improving value to CEB members and increasing renewal rates
  • Increase average CEB Leadership Council selling price while maintaining consistent operating margins
  • Reduce acquisition costs by bundling existing bolt-on’s with memberships
  • Optimize certain aspects of base offer pricing and discounting


  • In collaboration with CEB, we created a new membership level, CEB Leadership Council Select, to provide tailored implementation support. The new offer helps members implement tailored plans to accelerate key initiatives, with validation by peer insights
  • Develop the internal and external collateral for a complimentary product named CEB@Work: an in-person working session facilitated by a CEB Executive Advisor to take action on insights
  • Develop Tailored Peer Insights offer as part of the Select Membership: Tailored, qualitative benchmarking with 2-3 peer companies on your specific implementation challenges
  • Build a tailored Playbook including sales collateral and tools, action items and implementation timelines


  • TopRight developed the name CEB Leadership Council Select, along with the engaging story that provides internal alignment for CEB sales teams to share the compelling value proposition to existing members and prospects
  • We worked in collaboration with CEB to design and develop necessary physical and digital collateral to align with all internal and external messaging
  • We developed training collateral, including presentations and a 1-sheet that explained the messaging methodology, guidelines, FAQ’s, buyer counter points and internal/external references
  • TopRight built the Playbook that included the guidelines for all stakeholder messaging, collateral pieces and usage, buyer Q&A, Select Membership FAQ’s, and prescriptive content to promote consistent and effective sales communication
  • TopRight collaborated with the CEB team to create upscale Leadership Council Select Membership cards, to be distributed to clients that participate this new offer


Case Study CEB PlayBook