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Spending Green Effectively


Before their international launch, Green Works needed to:

  • Determine the required levels of marking investment to achieve sales goals
  • Find the most effective initial allocation of investment across marketing vehicles
  • Evaluate non-traditional marketing vehicles to impact sales
  • Determine the viability of the brand in each of the target countries
  • Develop a measurement plan to track performance


  • Conducted in-country market assessments: UK, Argentina & Mexico
  • Researched and profiled examples of non-traditional marketing in 20 case studies to showcase potential marketing impact of non-traditional spend
  • Developed market sizing model for each country which showed “winnable” market size and share potential
  • Developed customized marketing spend effectiveness model which forecasts optimal investment level and media mix required to achieve Green Works’ sales goals by country
  • Created initial list of potential areas of media activation and costs, where currently available


  • TopRight’s optimum forecasted sales supported Clorox’s NCS sales goal of $53.8M over four years
  • Optimum sales will be achieved with an investment of $11.6M over a four year period
  • Cable TV and Public Relations comprise the majority of marketing spend over four years
  • A recommended investment of 18% of total media spend in non-traditional will drive awareness and trial in a cost-effective manner


Case Study Clorox MSE