Quantifying National Campaign Effectiveness


  • Coke needed to better understand the effectiveness of its marketing spending, particularly in the area of national campaigns – campaign execution varies by region, market and unit
  • They wanted to develop a standard methodology or process for evaluating campaigns – seeking answers to key strategic marketing effectiveness questions such as lift from different campaigns


  • Create alignment and gain acceptance of marketing measures by marketing department and company management
  • Make recommendations for improving 2008 campaigns to be executed
  • Provide user-friendly models and tools that are not daunting to marketing staff and management
  • Develop skills related to marketing measurements, processes, tools and effective communication approaches
  • Support translated insights into 2009 marketing mix and budget recommendations, a revised campaign options booklet and field consultant training
  • Deliver a roadmap specifying the approach for transforming the marketing department into a measurement-driven culture


  • Created a new level of insight by quantifying the impact of national campaign on revenue lift by region, market and unit
  • Generated alignment between marketing and company management on new marketing spend effectiveness measures
  • Transformed marketing culture around marketing spend effectiveness


Case Study Coca Cola MSE