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Improving The Brand Experience


  • Coloplast did not have actionable feedback from clinicians and materials managers
  • Marketing and selling processes and materials were lacking segmented and prioritized importance based benefit messages


  • Conducted clinician and materials manager primary research to develop current state assessment and needs hierarchy
  • Analyzed stated versus derived importance of product and service benefits to identify crucial benefits that drive purchase behavior
  • Developed brand experience roadmap to identify key gaps in the current experience
  • Prioritized recommended experience improvement actions based on the value created and ease of implementation for Coloplast


  • Demonstrated ability to contain costs without reducing care
  • Developed partner-oriented relationships with hospital, IDN and GPO
  • Enhanced relationships with distributors
  • Illustrated how Coloplast improves/ complements the hospital supply chain
  • Increased compliance with hospital contracts


Case Study Coloplast BuyWay


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