ConAgra Foods

Effectively Selling Value


  • Purchasing had become the sales organization’s primary contact; emphasis on fending off competitive pressure to reduce pricing
  • Competition from global suppliers / low commodity pricing shortened and reduced the impact of premium pricing on new product innovations
  • Leading Product R&D in the industry, though limited customer contact


  • Completed a sales diagnostic including process, competency assessment, customer interviews, and competitor analysis
  • Developed sales / marketing strategies to move behaviors from commodity based mind set and positioning to consultative high value sale leveraging product development resources with customers
  • Created and delivered sales training to communicate new process and positioning in two day workshop for sales force and senior R&D staff
  • Developed Value Proposition and launched new sales approach behind first significant innovation in the flour industry in years


  • Most successful penetration of key accounts for product launch in company’s history
  • Premium pricing on new products had greater staying power and customer insights provided fuel for RFP’s innovation pipeline
  • Focus on improving current customer’s business resulted in $75 million of higher margin sales
  • Migration to new selling approach prepared company to capitalize on opportunities from concern with global supply


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