Delta Airlines

Improving Customer Experience


  • Delta was striving to improve the customer experience from ticketing to destination, with an emphasis on the in-flight experience
  • Delta was also working to regain their customer service leadership in the industry


  • Conducted a customer satisfaction and brand experience assessment, identifying key drivers of customer satisfaction and Delta performance on each driver
  • Evaluated opportunities to modify customer service experience with consideration of:
    • Fit with Delta brand and target customer segment purchase attributes
    • Delta’s ability to differentiate service relative to competitive offerings
    • Operational and organizational impact of potential offer
    • Financial costs and potential returns on required investments
  • Developed strategies for enhancing customer satisfaction that included:
    • Streamlined online reservations
    • In-cabin technology such as television, games, telephones, etc.
    • Complaint and dispute management process


  • Ability to focus potential product and service offerings based on target customer purchase attributes
  • Improved cost-benefits analysis related to large capital expenditure areas
  • Enhanced customer experience and improved satisfaction ratings


Case Study Delta BuyWay