Creating A Sales Center Of Excellence


  • Needed to create a “Center of Excellence” around relationship management and tele-sales that captures and quickly shares best practices, and delivers more scale and efficiency
  • Structure compensation and incentives to reinforce successful behaviors and organizational focus


  • Refined the organizational structure to facilitate collaboration and most effective solution presentation to the customer
  • Better defined account lead and support roles for focus verticals to improve solution development and sales close rates
  • Developed services tiers to capture incremental revenue opportunities
  • Established efficient follow-up with customers for up-sell/cross-sell opportunities
  • Socialized organizational and process changes with sales leadership team
  • Created change management and risk mitigation plan


  • Brought clarity and alignment to Elavon’s Go-To-Market strategy through an integrated global sales organization with defined roles and rules of engagement
  • Improved direct and indirect channel strategies
  • Differentiated treatment of partners & customers


Case Study Elavon BuyWay