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Enabling a 360 Degree View of Customers


  • Railinc’s executive management recognized several years ago that the silos of disparate customer data hampered their ability to operate efficiently in their customer communications, sales, operations, marketing, product support and billing
  • Management has placed a high priority on developing “a single version of the truth” about their customers, and to utilize technology to leverage this newly integrated view of client data to enhance their customer experience capabilities


  • Validated existing CRM business requirements
  • Gathered new CRM requirements based on discovery interviews and refined and prioritized them as appropriate
  • Supplemented the findings with TopRight best practice CRM expertise
  • Recommended a list of vendors and service providers who could potentially meet Railinc’s CRM requirements
  • Evaluated Vendors Against Railinc’s CRM Needs/Requirements


  • Enabled RailInc to identify and prioritize their CRM requirements
  • Translated requirements into clear functional specifications for a vendor RFP
  • Successfully managed the RFP process
  • Procured SugarCRM as new CRM platform

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