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Creating A Premium Value Positioning


  • Sub-prime lending viewed as very unattractive to retail banks because of litigious environment and predatory lending accusations
  • Highly profitable business in 2006 – but lacked clear marketing plan and sales strategy for growing their book of business
  • Precedes credit fallout that would occur in mid-2007 – management team seeking a premium valuation for investors and more senior roles in new entity


  • Performed role as de facto CMO for the organization and developed marketing plan for the business
  • Targeted high-value broker relationships to drive growth in volume
  • Created compelling story around the potential for the business and helped to target three potential acquirers


  • Sold to Barclays Capital for $220 million in advance of sub-prime market fallout
  • Created premium value positioning for the company and helped secure buy-in from management team and investors to support deal
  • Facilitated the transaction to successful closing and provided guidance to both parties related to integrating marketing activities


Case Study EquiFirst Playbook