Achieving Sales Force Effectiveness


  • Sales results were inconsistent and sales management needed help diagnosing and quickly addressing the issues
  • Experiencing declining sales volume and double digit customer churn
  • Experiencing very high sales force employee turnover
  • Ancillary revenue sources had been helping support topline growth


  • Formulated and refined sales strategy to drive increased sales activity levels and effectiveness
  • Developed and distributed sales productivity enhancement tools and training
  • Developed “quick hit” opportunity plan and roadmap to implement overall recommendations
  • Identified and analyzed key areas of opportunity to drive customer acquisition and reduce churn


  • Targeted for sales increase of over 10%
  • Projected increase of 45% in sales force retention
  • Created collateral for entire sales force and changed the methods used to interact with prospects
  • Improved the sales force ability to identify higher percentage prospects


Case Study Fleetcor MSE