Defining a Six Second Story


As a midsized consumer/customer insight organization, FocusVision provides tools and software to allow for the accumulation and analysis of customer and consumer insights intended to drive business performance.

  • Through a number of acquisitions, FocusVision had yet to establish a clear and differentiating brand position in a highly fragmented and competitive market where business is won and lost every day
  • The desire to find a unique, differentiating and ownable brand position is difficult in an industry where the focus of marketing is placed on products vs. organizations and benefits being sold are specifically tied to different approaches to conducting research.  Few competitors offered a complement of offerings across methodology
  • An additional challenge was the lack of integration between two of the larger acquired brands to where agreement on the corporate brand was in dispute
  • FocusVision had recently hired a new Chief Marketing Officer, and the bulk of the marketing team was new – making influencing change more difficult


  • Led an introductory kick-off meeting with the key leaders and stakeholders to define the project scope and align on objectives
  • Conducted qualitative and quantitative research to understand market perception of the category as well as critical drives of preference in the market for the FocusVision (and acquired) brand(s)
  • Created a Brand Story focused on bringing the organization together and communicating to existing and prospective clients why FocusVision is the right and only choice for all of their insight needs
  • Provided FocusVision with a clear, concise “story” to describe their current business in terms that both associates and clients can understand and communicate in a consistent manner
  • Delivered a structured, prioritized action plan for message development, communication, organization development and marketing tool creation
  • Identified key risks to execution of a new strategy including organization gaps and required changes

Case Study FocusVision