Developing Retail Expansion Strategy


  • US apparel manufacturer wanted to develop entry and expansion strategy for Japanese market
  • Needed to include differentiated approaches for GAP, Banana Republic and Old Navy brands


  • Conducted comprehensive market research related to Japanese consumers, competitors and potential geographic markets
  • Conducted focus groups, quantitative research and competitive analysis
  • Recommended apparel categories where GAP could “own the zone” within the Japanese market
  • Visited high potential geographic markets to assess consumer traffic, competitor locations and benchmark retail sales productivity
  • Developed specific strategies for market entry and expansion that included:
    • Target customer segments and apparel occasions
    • Brand positioning relative to international and domestic apparel brands
    • Retail store locations by brand within key markets
    • Product design and target specifications regarding color, quality, etc.
    • Desired print advertising vehicles and key message content
    • Multi-year retail expansion strategy by brand
    • Pro-forma financial statements


  • Identified target consumer segments and occasions
  • Determined that one of brands was not well suited to Japanese market
  • Developed “own the zone “ apparel category to focus on
  • Category focus strategy was extended globally
  • Established store expansion strategy to add 150 stores and grow revenues to $500 million in 4 years


Case Study Gap Playbook