H & R Block

Segmenting Customers to Deepen Relationships


  • Lack of insight into customer needs, channel preferences, interest in additional products
  • Inability to effectively penetrate customer base with ancillary product offerings
  • Desire to improve customer satisfaction and retention, service customers more effectively and efficiently


  • Conducted primary customer research including quantitative surveys of over 500 customers
  • Used data to develop attitudinal- and behavioral-based customer segmentation model which defined four customer segments
  • Developed unique customer servicing strategies for each of the four segments
  • Identified the two segments with highest cross-sell potential; developed product and marketing strategies to effectively reach target segments


  • Unique customer servicing strategies for each of four customer segments based on needs and preferences
  • Product and marketing strategies for cross-selling informed by customer insights
  • 25% increase in ancillary product sales to target customer groups.


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