Hands on Atlanta

Measuring Social ROI


  • HOA has over twenty programs with varying levels of impact and cost, and managing so many programs is a challenge
  • They had a measurement method of impact
  • They did not have a good understanding of costs and efficiencies, which negatively impacts both management and donation levels


  • Gain greater insight into program Social Return On Investment (SROI) and tools for evaluating current and future program investments
  • Categorize HOA’s programs by type, then apply Activity Based Costing (ABC) methodologies to each program
  • Benchmark HOA’s performance activity by activity against both best-in-class organizations and other Hands On affiliates


TopRight Recommendations:

  • Automating volunteer management to focus staff on maximizing program impacts
  • Adding seasonal staffing and/or volunteer program staff to increase program impacts without significantly increasing costs

Hands On Atlanta and TopRight were nominated for Creative Growth Group’s 2007 Client Advisor Award


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