Harland Clarke

Creating A Mature Market Growth Strategy


  • John Harland, a US printed product (checks and forms) & financial software company, was struggling to grow in a mature market with shrinking demand for checks


  • Conducted customer research with banks and credit unions to segment financial institutions, identify key purchase attributes and develop segment-specific value propositions
  • Developed pricing strategies for different offerings and bundles
  • Redesigned money center and super regional bank proposal development and sales process for multi-year RFPs
  • Created product rationalization approach to eliminate low-volume and redundant products and streamline sales collateral and operations
    • Customer segmentation and target customer identification
    • Segment-specific value propositions
    • Product development and rationalization
    • Pricing strategy
    • Go to market approach
  • Developed a check program benchmarking tool to enable financial institutions to compare performance to user-defined competitive sets and identify Harland supported opportunities for increasing revenue and profit


  • Improved pricing profitability and win rates with largest bank customers
  • Simplified and improved product and bundle pricing
  • Developed opportunities to cross sell printed products and financial software
  • Streamlined product line by 20-30%
  • Improved customer check ordering process to reduce lead time and improve operational efficiency


Case Study Harland Clark Playbook