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Hojeij Branded Foods

Winning with Social Marketing Strategy


  • HBF needed to develop a point of difference for how they would use social media and marketing tools to enhance the passenger experience while increasing same store sales and profitability over time. Key strategic questions included:
    • How do our target passengers connect with each other, interact, learn and make choices about dining experiences at the airport?
    • How can we reach our target passengers with relevant, timely offers; simplify ordering and payment; increase store sales and build passenger loyalty?
    • How do our target passengers rate their dining experiences with our stores, with our competitors’ stores and in the context of their overall airport experience?


  • Using TopRight’s BuyWay TM approach, an innovative, integrated social marketing strategy was developed
  • A phased implementation plan, HBF built momentum and a following with passengers at their stores through a series of successes – starting small and growing in complexity and value
  • Closely tracking and monitoring the impact of social marketing initiatives on passenger experience and store performance enables us to quantify social marketing ROI, quickly refine our strategy to optimize performance of HBF-operated stores, and share success stories and best practices with the airport authorities


  • The social marketing strategy served as key point of difference in HBF’s contract wins at SLC, LAX and ATL airports – representing over $85 million in new revenues for the company
  • Implementation of the strategy has driven enhance passenger satisfaction, improved speed of service and 15% growth in same store sales


Case Study Hojeij BuyWay