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Creating Strategic Focus To Accelerate Results


  • Humana had a number of important initiatives underway that competed for scarce internal resources and executive mindshare
  • Progress on the initiatives was behind target and slowed achievement of multi-million dollar benefits associated with the projects


  • Identified key initiative development and execution issues and the resultant financial and organizational impacts
  • Developed evaluative criteria with Humana and prioritized the active and potential major change initiatives
  • Created a SWAT team structure, process, support resources, and performance management routine that provided focus for leadership and the organization


  • SWAT Team concept was developed to accelerate results and deliver impact within 180 days
  • Created an implementation roadmap and facilitated execution of the plan
  • Projected in-year benefit was $20 million with an additional $20 million impact the following year


Case Study Humana Playbook


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