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InterContinental Hotel Group

Giving Owners Room To Grow


  • IHG needed to determine what HR offerings would provide its hotel owners the optimal ability to drive revenues
  • IHG further needed to understand those levers that would provide owners the greatest ability to optimize their return on invested capital


  • Employed focus groups, owner surveys, competitor comparisons, and best practices examples to ensure that IHG’s HR offers to owners:
    • Supported the central IHG value proposition to its owners
    • Addressed the HR needs of both managed and franchised hotel operators
    • Provides the structure to help owners find and retain the right employees and give them the right training to deliver on the brand promise
  • Developed conceptual hotel performance model and ROIC model to determine those performance drivers that have the largest impact on owner revenues, demand, and ROIC


  • IHG HR owner offer has led to increased ability of managed and franchised owners to attract, train and retain better talent
  • Increased consistency of employee training has created a more consistent customer experience and more consistent delivery of each brand’s promise
  • Ability to isolate levers of ROIC has increased ability to focus existing and potential offers on those areas most likely to have the greatest impact


Case Study IHG BuyWay