Institute for Humane Studies

Transforming Marketing in Higher Education


  • Lack of foundational story for broader marketing and promotional activities
  • Confusion as to how to effectively articulate the story to distinctly different audience segments with unique perspectives on the organizational and the overall movement
  • Marketing organizational structure not clearly defined, with various “shadow marketing” functions distributed throughout operating departments
  • Significant inconsistencies and inefficiencies in functional support due to lack of governance around marketing discipline, related to both the brand story and the required tactical support requirements


  • Interviewed numerous internal and external stakeholders across key audience segments (Undergraduate, Graduate, Networks, Donors)
  • Conducted numerous internal workshops to understand key pain points and perspectives of IHS mission and vision
  • Developed a 3S Playbook to identify prioritized initiatives to build the brand story and supporting components to move the organization forward


  • Delivered and implemented a powerful brand story that effectively addressed key disparate audiences (participants and donors); participation increased significantly among target segments
  • Re-organized the marketing function to improve operating efficiencies, resulting in better overall support and performance
  • Created new, differentiated campaigns focused specifically on the donor community
  • Recommended and facilitated implementation of optimal marketing technology to enhance employee productivity


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