JP Morgan Chase

Designing Profitable Marketing Plans


  • The business impact of marketing initiatives was not systematically tracked or measured
  • Need a way to measure the effectiveness of marketing activities and make decisions about marketing expenses as investments
  • Marketing did not speak the language of the business: use existing scorecard metrics as drivers and indicators of return on marketing investments – change in assets, revenue, product usage, etc.


  • Conduct in-depth analysis of current marketing environment and activities
  • Prioritize opportunities for profit improvement and increasing assets under management
  • Map out process for bringing ROMI into planning, execution, measurement and analysis
  • Present starting point, stages of success, and ideal long-term environment


  • Marketing Benefits:
    • Reveal significant new client insights to increase asset under management and improve the profitable growth
    • Sharpen marketing investment strategy through financial intelligence in the planning and measurement stage
    • Increase productivity through shared learning and best practices across regions
  • Sales Benefits:
    • More effective marketing designed to support progression through sales cycle (pipeline)
    • MSE becomes a tool for improved sales and client management activity


Case Study JP Morgan Chase MSE