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Transforming Marketing In The Retail Industry


  • No centralized management of the thousands of marketing and promotional items produced each year
  • Inability to effectively collaborate and share production materials with outside vendors (agencies, printers, etc)
  • Immediate problem: a new customer loyalty program was targeted to be launched without any supporting (or enabling) information systems
  • Inability to track production of reward-based promotional items over time and therefore no “lifecycle-oriented” reports regarding program execution


  • Define Program and Job Jackets to manage all production efforts
  • Leverage Workflow Manager to enforce structured processes for the production of all marketing items across all types of materials
  • Ensure that all production materials are properly categorized into a hierarchical structure to facilitate alignment to Programs, Objectives & Strategies
  • Provide outside vendors with secure access to relevant job, milestone and review-related information
  • Use Digital Asset Manager to manage the release and availability of published marketing and promotional item


  • Consolidated information across all production jobs into one central repository
  • Gained organization-wide reporting capabilities across all programs and initiatives
  • Facilitated the delivery & collection of review materials & approvals to outside agencies
  • Tracked the production and delivery of loyalty items to gain lifecycle-oriented views into program execution


Case Study Kohls EMM