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Advancing Marketing Campaign Effectiveness


  • Lead development efforts were declining in reach and ROI
  • Competitive pressure was forcing new student-centric Go-to-Market approaches
  • Mobile access was changing the prospective student expectation and experience
  • Campaign management teams were not fully trained to use the tools they have
  • EMM/IMM (Enterprise/Integrated Marketing Management) tools were outdated and incapable of meeting the advanced needs of consolidated CRM database or omnichannel audience experience
  • Limited prowess with the campaign management tools made it hard for Laureate teams to test, optimize campaigns or actively utilize meaningful reports


  • Assess Lead Development campaigns, operational processes and goals, introduce best practices and suggest risk mitigation approaches
  • Identify and enable “quick fixes” on the Aprimo Implementation in lieu of complex and costly customizations
  • Audit the current process and methodology for use of the Aprimo platform based on current automated and ad hoc campaigns and produce a matrix of opportunities to improve practices/performance with no upgrade
  • Suggest areas to develop new skills, optimize, implement, make changes, tighten time frames, and streamline Lead Development operations


  • Identified four key methods to higher ROI that could be implemented with current team and tools
  • Outlined dozens of suggestions for improved practices specific to their Aprimo instance that would streamline operations and increase campaign effectiveness
  • Developed a mobile-first campaign approach for ad hoc campaigns, designed to engage prospective students “where they live and work”
  • Created a training session to help the team improve skills and optimize their marketing efforts using today’s tools
  • Prioritized the recommendations in context with business requirements and long term plans to upgrade and integrate lead development efforts with a larger database overhaul


Case Study Laureate EMM