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Transforming Marketing In The Retail Industry


  • Inconsistent delivery and management of brand and packaging standards to 900+ vendors worldwide, particularly in the pacific rim
  • Increasing volume and complexity of packaging activities
  • Little visibility across all packaging jobs for status and resource management
  • No way to centrally manage work-in-progress packaging materials


  • Leverage Workflow Manager to enforce a structured process for the distribution of marketing materials to vendors and the collection and approval of packaging layouts from vendors
  • Create a compliance mechanism to ensure vendors adhere to stated guidelines
  • Use the Digital Asset Manager to manage a library of packaging materials, including both work-in-progress and finished documents
  • Define Job Jackets to define and manage all Jobs in the packaging group


  • Gained real-time visibility into the 300+ packaging jobs being executed at any given time
  • Gained visibility into compliance and audit trail data on vendor adherence to brand standards
  • Formalized a structured packaging process that reduced rush jobs and streamlined the packaging process


Case Study Lowes EMM